VMware Tech Showcase

Submitted by Robin van Altena on Tue, 08/22/2023 - 17:00
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VMware Tech Showcase
Tue 22 Aug, 2023
Each year VMware announces or releases several new products on VMware Explore, no surprise here. For example, last year project Keswick was announced: a container platform for edge computing. And today Kit Colbert launched during the VMware Tech Showcase, which is a platform for early access to new products.

Even while I’m not currently at VMware Explore in Las Vegas. The news, social media and other channels like the vExpert program make you feel like you’re there. One news items that may excite you, is about VMware Tech Showcase. When you are interested in new products and early access, this is definitely one to check out.

What is VMware Tech Showcase?

Like the name says, to showcase new technology. Early access work, test and help shape not yet released VMware products. VMware is committed to work with customers and meet their requirements. By offering them early access to new products, VMware wants to learn more about its use, how it works or operates in the field. So to say.

Unlike Flings for example, the products available at VMware Tech Showcase. This will have the commitment of the Business Unit within VMware to be launched and provide product services. VMware Tech Showcase is like a self-service portal with Beta products at VMware.

At the start of the program two products will be available: project Keswick and Trinidad. First offered as SAAS. One reason is that it ensures continuous delivery and continuous development of the product. But is also provides VMware with detailed user telemetry about product usage.

Launching products at the VMware Tech Showcase

As said at the start: Project Keswick and Project Trinidad are available.

Announced last year at Explore, Project Keswick is a container workload platform that brings the benefits of desired state configuration and GitOps to what VMware calls the edge. Project Trinidad is a product that helps prevent cyber-attacks by analyzing API call behavior or as VMware calls it: Project Trinidad is a modern application runtime security solution that applies Machine Learning to East-West HTTP traffic between micro-services in Kubernetes applications.

Soon VMware will add more services to the Tech Showcase website, especially the products with a focus on AI and ML. For now, if you want to learn more or check out project Keswick and Trinidad? Check out the Tech Showcase docs website, on how to get started.


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